Band Names

Band Names
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Sometimes the hardest part of forming a band is coming up with a good name. Let Band Names help you brainstorm. With millions of possible names to choose from, you are sure to find something you like – eventually.


A note about the rating
You won’t find any “adult language” words in Band Name’s internal dictionary. All of the words can be found in a typical children’s dictionary. In fact, many of the giggle-producing words you will find in some children’s dictionaries have been omitted. However, it’s possible for generated names to be slang for something dirty. With enough imagination, some names can sound dirty even though they aren’t (for example: “Stiff Badger”).

Existing entities
Due to the random nature of the generated names it’s possible for some of them to be in use by existing bands or other entities. Use at your own risk. Riveting makes no claims or guarantees about the uniqueness of the generated names, or of the suitability of their use for any purpose.